Inglemoor Coding & Computing Club Logo

What is CCC?

Inglemoor's Coding & Computing Club (CCC) promotes interest in computer science and highlights problem-solving abilities through competitions, hackathons, and community.


Who Should Join

Anyone interested in programming, algorithms, and other fields of computer science are encouraged to join. We host events that cater to all levels and interests. Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro, welcome!
Additionally, members of Inglemoor's IB CS, Web Design, and C# classes can benefit from our homework help sessions, tips, and environment to learn.

What We Do

We'll be hosting a variety of events for members to enjoy: challenging competitions, hearty hackathons, and gratifying games. Amongst those events, we'll host beginner friendly homework help sessions and introduce members to the joy and impact of programming.


At the beginning of the year, we will ease our members into competitions and projects. As the school year goes on, our members will gain more experience and possess the knowledge and skill to compete at a higher level and create more in-depth projects. This way, no matter what level members come into the year with, they'll be able to take advantage of opportunities to grow.